family news

Paige performed in her first drama plays last week:


She did a great job, and her nervousness didn’t even show.  Loved it, hopefully she will stick with it.

Chloe had her 5th Birthday yesterday, that’s right my baby is FIVE! Happy Birthday to my sweetheart!


Her cake turned out awesome, even if I do say so myself. It was a 3 layer chocolate cream cake, with whipped cream filling, SOOOO good.


I made the cake in the morning before church, so it had to sit for about eight hours, and by that time it was a little droopy, thanks to the filling, but it held up and didn’t fall apart, so it was all good!


Notice the leaning tower, and the bulges in the middle? hee hee. If I do this cake again, I just won’t make it so far ahead (or take out some shelves in my fridge so it will fit in to keep it cold). If anyone is interested in how to make this cake, leave a comment and I will post a tutorial.


4 thoughts on “family news

  1. katie

    tutor me! maybe i’ll try something like that for eve. or maybe i’ll just think about it and end up doing upcakes at the last minute like i always do.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHLOE! i cant’ believe she’s five. it’s nuts.

    merry christmas!

  2. Mom

    WOW – the cake is fabulous. I’m sure Chloe was over the moon about it. The sad thing is, she probably thinks every little girl has a mom who does things like that all the time – HAH. Great job – very creative. I do miss your cakes, but not as much as your Dad does! 🙂 Tell Paige congrat’s for us! love ya

  3. Sarah

    How fun! I really am interested in the construction of the cake, Mia might enjoy that on her birthday (#8 wow!) Isn’t it sad how fast they grow? Yay Paige!


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