Happy New Year!!

Hope you had a fantastic 2007. Ours had big ups and big downs, but we survived and are the better for it all.

Yesterday we finished off the year with some family fun. We went ROLLER SKATING! Good memories and good times. The kids are coming along nicely with their roller skating skills. Chloe does better when she is not holding your hand, Paige is a little worse for wear, but didn’t break anything, and Dillon just had fun. Of course Scott and I love it too. We discovered that New Years Eve is a great day to go, there was hardly anyone there, so it wasn’t a big deal when Chloe would go the wrong way or cut straight across the rink…

When we got home I tackled putting away Christmas. I wanted to start the new year all nice and clean.

Then in Porter family tradition we had a movie marathon. We watched Spiderman one and two. (we ran out of time for #three) Chloe crashed at 9:30, Scott and I lasted till around 11, but Paige and Dillon were our troopers and were up to welcome in the new year!

Thismorning we had a 18 popper salute to the new year:


Today calls for making good food, playing games, and watching movies.

Happy New Year!


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