our resolution tradition

After all the Christmas is put away the house looks plain, not necessarily in a bad way because it looks clean, just kind of empty. A few years ago I decided to make a garland to brighten the living room up in the void that was left… That year I cut a bunch of stars out of bright paper and tied them to a ribbon. On each star we wrote our new years resolutions, along with things we wanted to do that year (like camping, beach trip, etc…) That was the beginning of our resolution tradition. This year I cut out a bunch of circles using my brand new Curvy Cutter I got for Christmas (love it!) and we all wrote our resolutions for 2008. I sewed them together on my sewing machine and viola!


I usually leave it up for the month of January, then I can decorate for Valenties Day… It serves as a good reminder to keep up with the goals.



One thought on “our resolution tradition

  1. katie

    i just took all our decorations down yesterday and the tree went out today. so empty. maybe i’ll lift your idea. although i have no mantle to display it so nicely, nor do i have a curvy cutter (or any idea of what that is) so maybe we’ll just stick with it all in the journals. . . not nearly as visually appealing.


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