hear the wind blow…

Does that phrase put a song in your head? I can think of a couple with it.


So we here in Nor Cal are being BLASTED with a wind/rain storm. I do love the wind, I really really love wind. It is just making me incredibly nervous though. I fear the power will go out.

I don’t mind the power being out generally because when we were growing up it would go out in the winter and we would light the many many oil lamps that my mom collected and we would put a pot of beans on the wood stove and it was kind of an adventure. When the power was out for a while during a snow storm once, I remember melting snow for water because we were on a well and no power meant no water… but I think fondly of those times.

My fear now is that if the power goes out at my house we will have water, but no heat. We have a pellet stove, that I love, but we are out of luck in a power outage. That would mean no hunkering down and enjoying a primitive life with no power, but packing up and heading to my brothers house, who has a wood stove. I guess that would be an adventure too, and probably fun, but in a big storm nothing beats holing up in your own house.

We are always toying with the idea of getting a generator, we’ll see if that happens. So for now I am enjoying the storm from my nice warm house, and thinking of baking something, because stormy weather calls for something hot from the oven doesn’t it?


4 thoughts on “hear the wind blow…

  1. Sarah

    It’s stormy here too! I do love especially when it is so stormy it wakes you up at night, and you just lie there all snuggly and cozy in bed listening to the noises of a good winter storm! Why is that so wonderful?

  2. undercanopy

    The storm has just reached Southern California. We don’t really worry about losing power here during wintertime, so it isn’t too bad. This rainstorm is actually a blessing — it’s so dry here.

  3. katie

    i’m jealous. i love the memories of those big wind and thunder storms, the ensuing power outage, the smell of the oil, beans on the stove, and burning denim. because i managed on several occassions to think that putting my wet jeans directly on the blazing hot stove was a great way to dry them. remember when we would cook pancakes on the stove too?
    i had forgotten about melting the snow. oh, i love those memories. it makes me feel for a moment like we were pioneers. and it makes me love our old house, placerville and mom and dad even more.

    glad your power is back!

  4. Mom

    I loved how self-sufficient we were in that Placerville home, with our big water tank, wood stove, gas stove, generator, root cellar with a years supply of food, oil lamps… pretty much the whole works. I loved how secure it made me feel – so invulnerable. Unfortuneatly, now we are all electric and totally vulnerable… (we “willed” our aging generator to Mr Fix-anything – Dave)! We have buying a generator back on our list too!


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