moon boots

Remember these? I had a pair. They were blue and grey. I spent some of my own hard earned money on them, which tells you how much I wanted them because I never had money, and I love to shop. When we were young living in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas, we rarely got snow, so we were never really equipped for snowy weather. We would improvise in any way to be able to stay outside as long as possible in the snow so as not to miss a minute of it because it was sure to melt soon and it might be the only snow that year. The number one concern was fingers and toes. Fortunalely we had a random stash of gloves, so check on that… the shoes however were an issue. I am not sure who came up with the idea, probably Mom, but we would take bread bags from loaves of store bought bread (we saved those, now that I think of it I am not quite clear why, maybe for storing home made bread, or just having and extra sack to use, or ???) Anyway we would put the bags over our socks in our shoes to make our feet more water resistant, brilliant huh? Not too fashionable, but when you are in your own front yard building snowmen and sledding who cares if you have Home Pride bags sticking out of your shoes…

Which brings me to my Moon Boots, happy was the day I got those. We had them for years, just waiting for the occasional snowy day or maybe a trip up to the mountains. I think every kid in my family wore them one time or another. Even after they were drying too close to the wood stove and one of them kind of melted… but it still worked!!

I was remembering my boots because we went sledding yesterday. We got a sled a couple of years ago, and finally used it for the first time yesterday! It was so fun!! (Sorry no pics, I am horrible lately about remembering the darn thing..) We only had to drive less than 10 minutes up the hill to get enough to sled on. We sled for about an hour and when we are soaked through and frozen, we come home. That is perfect for us, because we are not outfitted for snow anymore now than when I was a kid! But I have not pulled out the bread bags just yet…


4 thoughts on “moon boots

  1. Sarah

    Jeanie, I am laughing so hard right now, ahh memories. I cannot think of childhood snowy days w/ out thinking of breadbags over the feet, it was as natural as a scarf or mittens, we never questioned the quirkiness of it! I love our childhood. I never realized YOU paid for those moon boots!

  2. katie

    honestly. bread bags. how fantastic is it that these are real stories from our life? under the bags i would also layer tights on, thinking i was kind of a genius, only to be desperately wet and cold with five pair of tights stuck to me. on at least one occasion i ended up cutting them off with scissors. i’m sure mom would have loved that if she had ever found them buried in the trash.

  3. Mom

    Oh my… the things I have forgotten about! I really cannot remember the plastic bag thing… but it does sound like me, doesn’t it!? We “made do” in quite a few instances, but it was enough. I really appreciate how tolerant all you kids were with the “made do’s”. Thanks for the memories, Jeanie! Love ya.

  4. Mom

    PS – Katie… In the last few years, as more and more of the things come out that you kept from me while you were growing up, I am amazed at what you got away with! I guess it comes with being the baby girl! 🙂


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