stuff and nonsense

Don’t ever try kiwi preserves, NASTY!

Funny story: Last night I went to sign Dillon up for Little League and when I was finished and getting in my car, I turned the key and the radio came on and was playing this song “put me in coach, I wanna play center field…” CRAZY coincidence!

I love Pride and Prejudice. I have been watching the A & E version the last couple of days and now I want to find a pattern to make those dresses, LOVE THEM.

My projects for the day: (besides the usual cleaning)

  • make a book cover for Scott,
  • work on my Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls that I started about 9 years ago…it’s one of my resolutions to finish those this year, I am going to make the clothes out of some fun fabrics instead of going the traditional route.
  • exercise with my Dance Dance Revolution.
  • blog the castle cake tutorial

What I am eating: rice crispy treats and cranberry juice. Hence the need to exercise. I should never make rice crispy treats because I can not resist them and I resort to logic such as “hey it is made of breakfast cereal so eating them for breakfast is fine!”
Hope you have a fine January day today!!


3 thoughts on “stuff and nonsense

  1. Sarah

    thanks for the tutorial! my logic when eating junk food around my house usually goes something like, “I’ll eat it now so it won’t tempt me later” equally dillusional!

  2. megan

    And thanks to that- I just felt totally great about eating an oatmeal cookie for breakfast this morning.. Oatmeal = Breakfast right??


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