like mother, like daughter….


Ok, do you see what I have done here? We are dressed alike, and it wasn’t on purpose. I find that I do this a lot. I am really not one of those Mom’s that has everyone color coordinated all the time, at least not intentionally. Is this a fashion sickness? It happens when I go to pick out clothes and I find an outfit that I am happy with, and so in my subconscious mind I pick out the same colors for whoever else I am picking clothes for. Seriously, Chloe and I more often than not are both wearing these same purple on purple striped clothes on the same day, it is kind of scary. Do I need therapy because I have a deep need to have control over crazy things? But I think it is kind of funny cause it happens all the time. It was a lot worse when I still had control over Paige’s clothes too, but she pretty much dresses herself these days, I guess that is a good thing…


3 thoughts on “like mother, like daughter….

  1. Sarah

    Jean, your blog never stops surprising me by showing how much we are alike. I should send you a picture of Bryce and my outfits today: Blue and white strips and jeans, totally unintentional!

  2. katie

    ever since we talked about you doing this a year or two ago i’ve been really observant, trying to see if i do it too. i don’t. but i think that has more to do with the girls’ clothes being so far superior to my own than anything else.

  3. Mom

    It’s so nice to see that some things don’t change… I love the character consistancy!… you used to dress your doll (as much as possible) to match you too. XXOO


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