gettin’ in the creative mood

So a couple of nights ago the mood to sew struck me.

(I have kinda done not much since Christmas, in the creating department.)

This is how it happened: My niece had a birthday recently, and she had a rollerskating party planned. Well she did some damage to her ankle at a basketball game right before her party, so the party got postphoned for a couple of weeks. We got her a music CD (Hairspray soundtrack) for a present, and I was just going to wrap it regular, but then with this extra time till her party I started thinking. I wanted to make a bag of some sort to “wrap” the present in that she could use after. So I started brainstorming ideas, and thought about making some sort of purse that resembled something. I thought maybe a purse that looked like a tootsie roll or something. (I think watching Project Runway where they had to make clothes out of Hershey products was inspiring me…) I came across THIS bag idea that looks FUN. But I didn’t have the right fabric on hand, and I didn’t want to go buy any because I have plenty here to make something else. So it came to me the other night, an OWL bag! Owls seem to be back in, and so cute anyway, so I drew up a design and got to work. (I am almost finished and then I will post about it!) But now that I have spent the time and it has turned out so cute, I don’t know if I can part with it!! So I might just have to make a bag in the shape of a present for her. I am lame I know, but sheesh.


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