linkety links and fun stuff I want

So in the spirit of my renewed need to create, I was cruisin’ the internet for some fun ideas and I hit the jackpot.

Hello, Craftzine blog is fantastic, go to their craft categories (on the right column, scroll down a little) under sewing and WOW, 40 pages of sewing ideas and tutorials. Lots of fun ideas I can’t wait to try, and I am only on page 9! There are tons of categories too! This site will keep me busy for a while.

I love Anthropologie stuff and I love this necklace. I am wondering if I could create it on my own? But would the time and effort be worth it?

Now this mobile is fantastic. And since I will probably never spend $150.00 on a mobile, I am thinking I may have to make something like this. It is made of magazines, and I have a ton of those at the moment that I need to go through…(working on my tear-file* is on my list of to-do’s)

*tear-file: an accordian pocket folder file that organizes all the pages I rip out of magazines that I want to keep and someday put into binders


One thought on “linkety links and fun stuff I want

  1. katie

    i’ve seen a couple of those mobiles (or ones very like them) in person, and they are really really lovely. and you’re re-using: bonus for the world.

    also-i vote that you give the owl to sad-ankled kaylie! i always have this internal debate each time i make something great that i’m planning on giving away. but ultimately i feel like my creative flow will be damaged if i start getting too selfish. creative kharma? plus, won’t she just love it?? can’t wait to see the pictures.

    also, i am at a complete loss when it comes to any sort of jewelry making. my brain just shuts off.


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