my latest weakness

I was doing so good up until the middle Of December. My appetite was under control and my weight was good. Then the baking and chocolate did me in. Now I feel the constant desire to stuff my face and the scale is noticing. So it is time to pull out what little willpower I have and get to work. Time to stock the fridge with fruit and veggies, ban my baking for a little while (BOO) and start that exercise goal. Scott is inspiring me, because he has been exercising and getting healthy. So because of him I have been learning all sorts of things. I am now becoming a label reader. I am trying to stick to the rule that “if the first five ingredients contain anything enriched, hydrogenated (SUPER BAD) or sugar-like (high fructose corn syrup, etc.), then you should not eat it.” Quite the eye opener.

Then Scott brings this home:


It is some sort of cinnamon wheat bread with white chocolate chips, and it is SOOO good.  And since it is from Great Harvest Bread Co., it doesn’t have anything hydrogenated, fructose syruped or bleached and enriched in it. I can totally rationalize eating this, and then I start thinking of how I can bake this myself… but since sugar is my appetite trigger, this bread is a black hole, it will suck me in till there is nothing left… but a big fat Jeanie.

So I guess if I get fat it will be my husbands fault right? hee-hee


2 thoughts on “my latest weakness

  1. katie

    “it will suck me in till there is nothing left… but a big fat jeanie” HA!! that has made me laugh at least six times already (yes, i’m compulsively checking for updates).

  2. Mom

    Your father is as bad or worse, always wanting something “tasty”, (translate to sweet!) especially at the end of the day. Oh well.


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