a little sunshine


It has been so wet and rainy and cloudy (and even a bit snowy) lately. I do not do well with too much overcastedness without a decent break. Usually we don’t go so long without a few days of sun at least, the best we have been getting is maybe half a day of scattered sun then back to a week of rain!

So the other day while grocery shopping I picked up a couple bunches of daffodils. Now I usually won’t buy daffodils for the same reason I don’t buy blackberries, they are naturally abundant around here in their seasons. But I thought this was an emergency of mental health. I needed a bit of a pick me up, and daffodils are like a little bit of sunshine indoors. They were a reminder that spring will eventually get here and there will be sun again! Besides they are one of my favorite flowers.
I also have started forcing a bunch of daffodil and narcissus bulbs in my kitchen window, so in a few weeks I should be drowning in fragrant blossoms, and that will be fantastic.


3 thoughts on “a little sunshine

  1. katie

    i think you are an official adult when you know how to force bulbs! i’m still clueless. but then, plants and i have never gotten along very well.

  2. Mom

    Forcing bulbs! OK, another demo required there! My windowsill plants keeping multiplying… I asked your dad if it bugged him, and he was very nice and said “Of course not”… it it looking more and more like a jungle in here… and my Christmas cactus is blooming for the 3rd time since Thanksgiving!
    I love your daffodils.


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