crazy girl in the crazy weather!

Chloe loves the trampoline. She plays on it everyday and a little snow won’t stop her! (the picture doesn’t show it very well but it is snowing)


All she needs are her froggy boots and her kitty umbrella!

I can’t believe all the snow we are getting this year, so crazy, I thought with the global warming and all we would be getting less and less? Granted it only snows a couple of inches at a time and only lasts a day, but usually that only happens once or twice all winter, not 8 or 9 times half way through the season!

Chloe and Dillon made a snowman the other day and Chloe loved it like a real friend. She asked me for a scarf and carrots to make it complete. Everyday she would worry that it was melted. It lasted about 5 days, and we just got some more snow last night so she is looking forward to making a new one today! She has been getting mad at me when she comes home from preschool to find all the snow on the ground melted, like it is my fault!!


2 thoughts on “crazy girl in the crazy weather!

  1. Mom

    Yes, motherhood is a big responsibility! You just have to train that snow better, Mom!! So cute – I miss that little girl so much. I love her little character quirks – so fun.

  2. Sarah

    What a cute scene! I’m jealous of your winter fun. My kids miss the snow- theoretically. You have just the perfect amount it sounds like, it doesn’t wear out it’s welcome!


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