food storage week by week

Ok, now that it is February already, time to get started on my new years resolutions, no? So in an effort to get my food storage going, I am starting on a week by week program. I thought I would include the information here on my blog, so if you are interested you can get prepared too!

I will have a box in my right column that will have the food storage item of the week. This program includes all the basics except wheat, plus many other items that will be very good to have.

Here is the program:

  • Each week, check back to see what the item(s) of the week is/are and add them to your shopping list.
  • Buy the largest amount you can afford. It is better to buy a little and get started with your food storage program than to go into debt or put off any progress until you can afford to buy a whole year’s supply at one time. (three months worth is the new recommended amount to start with,  so just do what you can)
  • With a permanent marker date each item for storage when you add it.
  • Replace items as you use them. Remember these items I post here are in addition to your regular grocery list. (use your food storage to keep it fresh! – I am going to keep a pad of paper & pencil hanging in my basement so when I take something from the storage I write it down and can replace it when I shop)
  • Watch for sales or other specials. Grocery stores don’t always have the best buys.
  • If you miss a week, skip to the next week, don’t get behind!
  • Share your great buys with others!

Ok, sound good? I am feeling a great urgency to get prepared, it is a horrible feeling to not have what you need in an emergency situation, believe me I know first hand! I think this program is an easy way to get going without feeling overwhelmed and thinking it all needs to be done at once. So lets get to it!

FYI: I will probably be changing the item on the weekends.


4 thoughts on “food storage week by week

  1. Mom

    Thanks! I’m in. Going to CostCo on Monday – gonna get me some NUTS! (Yes, walnuts, pecans, and pine nuts – if they have them!)


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