Happy Lunar New Year!

It is the year of the Rat. Kids born this year (or those who were born under this sign) are imaginative and cunning!

Chinese New Year is something I have always wanted to celebrate. (Scott thinks that I must have Asian blood running through my veins somehow, because I am always attracted to anything Oriental.) I mean it sounds fun. The tradition is to have your house all clean before the day to have a clean start on the new year. But you can’t clean that day for fear of cleaning out any good luck. It is also good to get new clothes or a hair cut, symbolizing a clean/new start. Flowers are brought in also to celebrate the coming spring and a new beginning. The celebration lasts for a couple of weeks too.

The family gathers together and eats a lot of food. Some popular foods include: dumplings because they look like golden nuggets, oranges because they are perfectly round, symbolizing completeness and wholeness, and long noodles served to symbolize long life.

There are parades and festivals and all sorts of fun decorations; paper lanterns and red envelopes, seriously, what is not to love?! I hope to make it down to San Fransisco for the parade, that would be fantastic.

I think I need to go pull out my paper lanterns and make a ribbon dragon and some chinese yo-yo’s! (I guess I can’t clean my house today, OH and I need a new outfit…)


2 thoughts on “Happy Lunar New Year!

  1. katie

    happy new year!

    the chinese also burn money as an offering to their ancestors (the ashes of the money rises up to them so they can have it in the afterlife). get out the matches!

  2. Mom

    Hey, I must have some old Monopoly money around somewhere… does that count??? You and Bob are surely related, both loving things oriental! Your writing today was so fun… I had never realized Chinese New Year encased all these traditions – neat! thx


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