my hero

A few evenings ago I was out shopping and a crazy thing happened at home. A husband who shall remain anonymous had an incident. Scott the husband who shall remain anonymous, was kindly watching Chloe while I got some running around done sans the annoying-to-shop-with-five-year-old. He was doing normal type things, he checked his email, watched some cartoons with Chloe, put some eggs on to boil and called his Mom to see how she was doing (she just broke her leg and had surgery this last week!-ouch!, which was complicated with low oxygen levels resulting in an overnight stay at the hospital.) So he talked to his Mom for a long while. After getting off the phone all was calm and quiet in the house, it was dark out and Chloe was asleep in her bed. Suddenly downstairs he heard some noise like someone rummaging around. He was immediately freaked out because we have had our house robbed before. He knew it wasn’t me because he had talked to me and knew I was no where near home. All the lights were off downstairs and Scott the husband crept halfway down the stairs to listen. Loud banging had him running back up and going for his gun. This gun is and old shotgun that we don’t own any ammo for, but he figured maybe the noise of it cocking would be enough. He quietly crept down the stairs and at the foot of them he cocked the gun, flipped the light on, jumped into the kitchen and yelled “FREEZE!!” Just then an extremely hard boiled egg jumped out of the pan on the stove and splatted on the floor! He had left the eggs on the stove, the water had boiled out and the eggs were popping all over the place. Needless to say he felt very sheepish at having pulled a gun on a bunch of cremated eggs, but you never can be too careful!

UPDATE: ok, this is embarassing, not 15 minutes after posting this entry I was sitting here at the computer checking out my sister Katie’s blog and I started smelling something cooking, or possibly burning, I started sniffing and Scott saw me and said, is it the eggs?  I assumed he was talking about the eggs from a couple days ago still lingering, but a minute later it dawned on me.  I put a pot of eggs on to boil, (to make up for the destroyed ones) AN HOUR AGO!!  I ran downstairs and encountered the same scene Scott saw two days ago.  We have between us taken out 18 eggs by boiling to death.  Needless to say neither of us are allowed to boil eggs anymore, unless we stay in the kitchen…


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