happy valentines day!


Well, I got the kids valentines done, and as usual I make it a much bigger production than it needs to be! Why can’t I just go to the store and buy those cheap character valentines and some cheap candy and be done with it? NO I have to make two tons of jello popcorn and a million hand made valentine cards! My back was killing me after we finally finished last night at about 9:30. But I made Paige and Dillon make their own cards so I only had to do Chloe’s 40, yes 40! Chloe helped make about 3 and signed about 12 and she was done. Oh well, I know I won’t change, I’ll be at it again next year with some new fun idea I want to do. I really think my kids couldn’t care one way or the other what they do, but I do… sick I know.

Pop a few conversation hearts and have a great Valentines Day!


2 thoughts on “happy valentines day!

  1. katie

    that looks like an insane amount of work! why in the world did chloe have to have 40??!! i was pushing it getting eve to do four. . .

    they all look great- hope you had a fun day. i ate about 12 tons of sugar and fat. perfect.

  2. Mom

    You over-achiever, you! They look great (the candy hearts too.) My Valentines consisted of red-sprinkled snickerdoodles and Hershey’s Kisses! Hey, I couldn’t even find my Valentine’s Day box so no decorations here… I really could have used your talent! love ya.


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