here they come!


I started forcing these random Daffodil and Narcissus bulbs a few weeks ago. I am so excited about their progress. The funny thing is is that I have forced bulbs before, but in doing some research to post about it, so that the info I give is correct, I have discovered that as usual I have been doing it in a sort of haphazard/short-cut type of way. But it works so I guess it’s fine!

Last year I forced some Paper White bulbs simply by putting the bulb on the top a jar with a narrow enough mouth that the bulb wouldn’t fall through, and filled the jar with water so that the bottom of the bulb is in the water. They grew great and within 3 weeks bloomed. They did get top heavy and tip though, and needed to be braced up.

This year (well last fall) I bought some varoius daffodil bulbs for planting outside. Well I never got to it so I put them in the basement for storage. Then a couple of weeks ago I decided to force them indoors. I got them out, bought some potting soil, and pulled out some cute little containers for planting. I put some rocks in the bottom to create drainage space and filled them with potting soil. I placed the bulbs in and covered them with soil a little over half way up the bulbs. (I must note here that since I had just left these in the basement they started to sprout roots and some green tops too. This is not the way you are supposed to do it, but I guess it worked as the “cooling period” they require?)  All of the bulbs started (continued) growing and are doing great, and I can’t wait for the blooms.

I came across this pdf for you to download and it tells all about forcing bulbs, the right way!

forcing bulbs indoors

It is nice to know the correct information, although I have been lucky doing it my own un-informed way!


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