trails and trail mix

I was at Walmart a couple of weeks ago and spotted their Sam’s Choice Trail mixes. I picked up a bag of the”Indulgent” kind. It is so good. You should try it, next time you are at Walmart pick up a bag. (I know you all shop there) It has almonds, cashews, peanuts, dried cranberries, golden raisins, white choc. chips, peanut butter chips and chocolate chips! It is soo good. The funny thing is that I pick out the chocolate chips, not to eat them mind you, I am not a fan, I give them to the kids.

When I eat trail mix, I have an urge to take up hiking. Trail Mix is all about natural goodness right? The name says it all.

I have always loved hiking, though I can’t say I have ever done enough of it. There are so many beautiful places with tons of trails just up the mountains from us, I really want to take advantage of living here so close. Maybe when the weather turns warmer I will have to take my family out on a hike. The kids will probably be game, and I think I can convince Scott to go too, he loves to mountain bike, so why not hike? (what do you think honey?)

This is Horsetail Falls, about half an hour from here.  It is a hike I have actually done a couple of times, years ago.  It is really fun with the water rushing down the whole way. Beautiful.  I need to go again.

When we were in Oregon last summer we went on a few walks, that could possibly be construed as hikes. But when little people are involved you can only do so much! One such time was a hike out to a big cliff/bluff above the ocean where we flew kites and watched the whales, it was fantastic. The other was a walk through the redwoods, which was so completely gorgeous.

Do you find that sometimes we do all kinds of things on vacation, that we could also do at home, but for some reason we just don’t? For example: I live about four hours away from Yosemite, and I have never been there. I know, I know, it’s a crime! And there are bound to be so many other beautiful places here in the Sierra’s that would be great to see. I think it just comes down to taking the initiative to fight the homebody tendencies we have and make a plan and follow through, because we never regret it when we do get out. And who ever remembers “that great weekend at home when we cleaned the house and watched tv”?


2 thoughts on “trails and trail mix

  1. Mom

    Yosemite… sent my husband and sons to hike Half-Dome Rock, but never went myself… yes, it’s a crime! Great blog. love ya!


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