addendum to the granola bar recipe

WARNING! Those home made granola bars are addictive.

I have been eating a lot of them, so I thought that I’d better figure out how many calories I have been consuming. (no fun I know, counting calories…) But each bar has 136 calories each! ACK, I have had way too many to mention in the last two days! Granted they are all natural and full of good stuff, but I guess it falls under the category of “too much of a good thing…” I think I will try substituting applesauce for the oil, that would bring the calorie count down to 118 each. The big numbers come from the peanut butter. I wonder if they make a reduced fat version that is still natural? Is that an oxymoron?


One thought on “addendum to the granola bar recipe

  1. katie

    i get reduced fat all natural peanut butter all the time- smuckers makes it and i love it! try it out. it reminds me of growing up b/c of the oil separation- remember opening up those giant cans of peanut butter and all the oil on top?

    each time i make granola i think the same thing- ooh, so healthy- but it is full of so many calories. . . better jus tot stick with the veggies and fruit, but that’s only fun for so long. . .


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