oh how I love thee Ikea, let me count the ways

  • You are budget friendly
  • I don’t need a truck to get the stuff home.
  • You make me proudly proclaim, “I did that!”
  • Swedish meatballs with Lingonberries , need I say more?

So we are upgrading our bedroom office a bit. Out goes Scott’s big old desk, and in comes the new stuff! Chloe and I took a trip down to Ikea in Sac today. I was armed with my list (I have been researching the catalog as well as the website to find just what I wanted) and we conquered! My living room is full of boxes. It’s like Christmas all over!

Here is a before pic of so said bedroom office:


For some reason at our house I am the one who puts together the furniture and hooks up new electrical equipment. It isn’t that Scott can’t of course, it is more of I read all the directions and want to make sure it is done just so, and I think Scott just lets me at it and stays out of my way.

So for the next couple of days our room will be chaos and then it will be awesome!! I’ve got my allen wrenches and box cutter ready to roll!


2 thoughts on “oh how I love thee Ikea, let me count the ways

  1. Sarah

    I love side by side comparisons, I can’t wait for the after photo! Don’t work yourself too hard, get Scott to do his manly part šŸ™‚


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