My oldest daughter Paige is almost 13. She read me this poem that she wrote the other day and I want to share it with you!


If I could fly
I’d be in the sky
almost all day
and on warm summer nights.

I’d fly through the clouds.
and swoop with the birds.
My spirit so free
I can’t say a word.

The view is like
none I’ve ever seen.
The wings I’ve been given
have a glittery sheen.

My hair blowing wildly,
I zoom through the air.
It’s starting to rain,
but I don’t care.

The storm clouds blow in,
but soon blow away.
I’m glad they are gone
I start a new day.

I dip and I curve
and I fall to the ground.
Then I turn to the sky,
There isn’t a sound.

Then I tuck in my wings
and fall once again
I feel so ecstatic,
But I have no friend.

There’s nobody with me
To share this great fun
So I make someone up
And the fun has begun.

We fly and we swoop
We bask in the sun
But then I’m alone
My story is done.

I use my mind
to create what’s been done,
It’s all in my head
Now wasn’t that fun?

Paige Wilkins


4 thoughts on “Paige

  1. Sarah

    Paige is a very talented writer- ESPECIALLY at poetry, she has read me a couple poems she has written before, and I was so impressed. A this one – wow! Does she want to do something with her writing in the future?(college, career?)

  2. Anna & Geoff

    It’s me, Annalisa (Megan Porter’s sister-in-law– Should I say sorry for blog stocking now?? We’re practically family and my kids played with Chloe at Meg & Bobby’s wedding…does that help??) LOL…anwyay, I don’t normally say anything but this is such a great poem.

    Great job Paige! Seriously, keep it up and you could have a great published collection of your work. Smiles!!


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