still working on it

So I got the desk from Ikea together, lived with it for a day, and hated it. So we took it back and got another one. Much better. I still have a bunch to do… The desk is mostly assembled, I just need to finish the drawers, and doors. I also need to put together the bookcase and hang the shelves. But it is coming along nicely.

So while I am sitting here at our new desk, sans drawers and doors, taking a break from being productive and seriously contemplating a nap, I will tell you about the simply beautiful weather we are having! I can’t believe it is March all ready. What happened to winter? I still think we will get another round or two before it is all over. I just hope that Easter weekend is like today, sunny and warm. This is a busy month. Paige turns 13, and I promised her a party of some sort, we have Spring Break and Easter coming quick too. And don’t forget St Patricks Day!! šŸ™‚

The other evening we went for a walk along the paved bike trail that borders our property. The trail has a bridge that crosses over the freeway. The kids love to see how many cars they can get to honk at them when we are up there. They jump around waving their arms and doing the “honk the horn” trucker type arm pump action. Last time they got 6 honks and a flash of the headlights. I find this highly entertaining myself. I do not participate in the waving, I just enjoy the thrill of getting someone to honk. I don’t know why it is so fun, but it really is, you should try it with your kids.


3 thoughts on “still working on it

  1. katie

    i have so many memories of making that “trucker blow your horn!” arm pump while waiting for the bus to come. why was that so exciting? three minutes ago i would have been sure that i would never experience that same euphoria, or anything like it, at this point in my life just from getting a trucker to honk, but now you’ve got me wondering. . .

    and are you into the smurfs lately? that picture is so mysterious to me. . .

    oh, and i can’t wait to see the desk set up! glad you got one you liked.

  2. jeanie

    well the smurf picture was the only remotely entertaining honking type of sign I could google, so I figured, hey why not smurf it up?

  3. Camille

    We’re loving some nice weather here too, up to 80 in the last few weeks. Hopefully the 100+ days are far away. At least for now we can spend lots of time outside. I also tried the granola bar recipe and my family loved it–thanks!


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