I now am officially feeling old

I have a teenager. Paige is 13 today. It’s crazy to actually think I am old enough to have a teenager. hmm, not sure how I feel about that yet.

So this morning I took Paige to Mel’s diner for an awesome breakfast and then we went to the grocery store and bought a bunch of doughnuts for her to share with her friends at school. (I of course stole one from the bunch! yum) It is always nice to have one on one time.

For young womens last week we had a photo shoot with the girls, the theme was “Modest is Hottest”. It was a blast and I got a bunch of great shots of Paige, she is very photogenic, and had fun playing to the camera.







5 thoughts on “I now am officially feeling old

  1. katie

    happy (late) birthday paige! the pictures are great and those pants with the chinese top are so fantastic! sounds like an activity i would have totally loved!


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