the zoo


On Monday I took Paige and 4 of her friends and Chloe to the Sacramento Zoo. I really like the zoo. We went in the afternoon, the weather was perfect and the crowds were small. The Sacramento Zoo is a pretty decent zoo, they have been doing lots of improvements over the last few years, and adding some great animals. My new favorite there are the Red Pandas. They are so cute and look like a cross between a koala and a raccoon, with red fur. I would show you a picture, but we only had Paige’s new camera with us, and when the memory got filled up she deleted a ton of good pictures to make room for more “shaking so bad you can’t watch without wanting to barf” goofy videos of her and her friends. Grrrrr. (and i guess she has the pictures set on low pixels too, they are so small!)


The other fabulous attraction was a talking parrot. We were walking by and it said hello. We sat there interacting with it for at least 15 minutes. It said hello, hi, pretty bird, what’s up, bye… it barked like a dog and said meow, and did a fantastic wolf’s whistle. Sooo cool.

Chloe wanted to see the penguins, and asked about them every few minutes, but unfortunately they ended up being at the end of the route we took. Then when we got there they weren’t out! I felt bad.


It was a great day and everyone was worn out and ready to relax! But in the usual style of young girls they got home and partied half the night.


One thought on “the zoo

  1. katie

    looks like a fun outing! i still can’t believe paigey is so old. . .

    it is good to see that things are in better shape at the zoo than they used to be- all i remember is concrete barred cages. so depressing. but then, at least they had a bear. folsom seemed to only have turkey vultures. . . but then these memories are over 20 years old. . .


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