little Chloe hits the big time

ok, so maybe the Placerville newspaper, the Mountain Democrat, isn’t the big time, but still! She was enjoying another fun filled day at preschool, and they did a story on the center. Check it out in the document below. It ran last Wednesday and I just found out today about it. Thanks to modern technology I was able to download it from the paper’s website.

Chloe’s preschool newspaper article

Chloe is in the big picture towards the bottom (with the three kids coloring), she is the cutie on the right. She happens to be sitting by her friend, the other Chloe! Abby, Chloe’s cousin and best friend is pictured right above playing with the bristle blocks. (remember those?)

I have to comment on the clip in Chloe’s hair. I guess I haven’t taught her how to put them in herself because whenever she goes to school with one in her hair (you know, in a cute spot on the side), she comes home with it clipped on the top of her head (as in the picture). Silly goose.


3 thoughts on “little Chloe hits the big time

  1. katie

    wait, since when is the mountain democrat not the big time? i had many an ego boost thanks to that paper! way to go chloe- and her hair still looks great, centered clip and all.

  2. megan

    Sorry to hear that you have been sickly!! It think due to the fact that Bobby is the boy in your family, we don’t talk to y’all often enough and don’t know all that is going on.. Maybe I should work on fixing that…

    I hope that you get feeling better!!

  3. Mom

    ‘Sure do miss that little girl. Cute pictures of her and Abby. And since when do moms have any sway on what little girls think is the best way to do their hair!?!?


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