ok, I found the camera.  Actually Scott had put it in the drawer, and I didn’t think to look there, or even ask him about it I guess…

Easter picutres:

delicious food

Dillon, Ethan, and Mason doing crash up swing derby:

crash up swing derby

Bryce, so stinking cute:

Kaylie, Paige and Mia:

And I cant resist this one:

That’s Abby, Elise, Chloe and Ava, our bathing beauties


5 thoughts on “pictures

  1. katie

    i can’t believe you guys were wearing short sleeves (and shorts!) on easter!! i’m envious of the weather and fun. wish we could have been there, like always! and everyone looks so great- especially all the nudies.

  2. megan

    Love it! Some time we need to get all the family together and play some more scum!! We’d love to see everyone!

    PS- Love Sarah’s Haircut- that is awesome. I don’t quite have the guts to go short- but I love it when others do it well!

  3. Mom

    Great pictures – glad you had such a fun Easter… and love the nudies. And glad to hear you found the camera – yeah! Some days are just worth getting up for! 🙂 love ya

  4. camille

    Wow, it’s fun to see pictures of you and your kids. Time goes by so fast! That’s great you guys live close enough to get together.


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