“Hakuma Ha-ta-ta, what a wonderful day”

Chloe is downstairs playing with the Karaoke Machine.  She is trying to sing “Hakuna Matata, what a wonderful phrase”

I broke out the machine, because we have talent show planned for Mutual tonight and they asked if I could bring it.  I only have a few Disney disks, (including High School Musical).  Chloe loves the microphone.  She usually doesn’t know the words, because the songs are a bit older, but she makes all sorts of noise regardless.

It makes me realize that my voice is out of commission in the solo department.  I have never been good at solo’s anyway, even in high-school when I would sing everyday in Choir, and my voice was in much better shape.  I just can’t stay on pitch very well when I sing alone, sad.  But that didn’t stop me from belting out the tunes this-morning with Chloe as my only audience.  I figure she has no idea how bad I sound so I just had fun!

By the way, has anyone seen my camera?  It has gone missing AGAIN!  I really need to get my act together…


2 thoughts on ““Hakuma Ha-ta-ta, what a wonderful day”

  1. katie

    yahoo! whining= success!!

    i love thinking of you going nuts with the mike in your hand, chloe as your only audience. ruth only lets me sing occasionally, and usually only if i’m wearing a dress. same goes for dancing. . .

    and karaoke night? seriously, you’ve got some lucky yw.

    love you!

  2. Mom

    fun time like these just make life grand – right?!!! You painted a wonderful picture – how fun. Love to all of you! Mom


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