a blond moment

This is what I would look like blond!

Ok, I would never go blond, I was playing around on HairMixer.com and trying out different hair styles, the ones I like just happen to be blond. My hair actually is cut kinda like the 3rd one right now, just dark brown. My chin looks a little funky on the left side, because Chloes face was pushed up against mine in the original picture, otherwise I think it would have looked almost like my own face.

As always when I grow my hair longer I start thinking of how I want to cut it again. But I always like it longer when I look back at pictures. So for now I will leave it long, and brown 🙂


4 thoughts on “a blond moment

  1. Mom

    Aaaaah – give me my Jeanie back! Wierd how just hair color can make such a difference. But it would make a great Halloween fun look.

  2. katie

    wow! i would love it if you just bleached your hair. so weird.

    after you leave it long for awhile i say go for the first cut- i loe it and it seems like your hair is perfect for it. . .


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