ok, big news

Yep, I’m pregnant! almost 13 weeks along. The baby is due on October 30th. And I am still nauseas. I have been pretty much constantly nauseas for EIGHT WEEKS. Getting extremely sick of it. And yes I know it is a good sign, but that doesn’t make it anymore fun.

But I must say that my husband is the best in the world. I have pretty much done next to nothing for two months now, and he comes home after long days at work and cleans the house and takes care of everything. I couldn’t ask for better.

It will be so nice to be feeling better and get off my rear, kinda tired of being so sedentary. But what can you do when every time you move you feel like barfing twice as much? I BETTER be over the “morning sickness” this week, if it lasts longer I will cry. I can’t wait till food is enjoyable again, not just a necessity every two hours. It has made me gain a few extra pounds, which I don’t mind, ’cause come on, I’m pregnant.

But the fun part is we got to hear the baby’s heartbeat again today. We saw it and heard it on the 8 week ultrasound, and were just waiting to hear it today to be assured that all is well. She had to chase it around to get it, because the baby is so active! So giant WHEW! We both feel we can relax now and enjoy.


8 thoughts on “ok, big news

  1. katie

    hooray! the news is out!! here’s hoping the sickness goes away and everything goes nice and smooth from here. i can’t wait to hear more about it all. so stressful, strange and fun!

    love you. and, props to scott.

  2. Megan

    We are so excited for you and I do hope that you get feeling better soon. We have pretty much been wimps about this cold for a couple weeks- so I can’t even imagine wanting to throw up for two months. I’m pretty sure I’d be a whiner!! Congrats to you!!

  3. Camille

    Wow, that’s so exciting! I love the first “washing-machine speed” heartbeat. Great pics from Hairmixer.com! I’ll have to try it out.

  4. Mary McEuen Darnell

    Jeanie–yay, hooray!! Another little one for Gramma’s book! Our family is getting HUGE!! Yay for hearing heartbeats and that all is well (besides the icky tummy..ick!). Love you! Wish we could see you guys more often!

  5. Monica Dickinson

    Yes, so I picked up on this when we were at your mom and dad’s . . . and she was asking you about your nausea. We’re so excited for you. We’ll be anxious to hear if it’s a girl or boy. Boys seem to be the trend these days, but if you asked me, I think we need to get some girls in the mix! πŸ™‚
    Love you and hope you get feelin’ better soon!
    Monica, Grant and Eliot

  6. Sherri Wiltbank

    I’m always the last one to know about these things in my family – obviously. πŸ™‚ SO excited for you! I read your comment on Katie’s blog and had to pop over to search for more info. Can’t wait to find out if Dillon gets a buddy or another beautiful sister!


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