ahhh, another birthday, honey – how old am I again?

What is with not remembering how old you are when you get into the 30’s?, Is it unique to the 30’s or does it persist? I would think that it is the comfortable middle area, when you are not in your 20’s and every year makes you feel more mature, and not yet old enough to dread adding another year, thus being very aware of your age. I could see the forties being comfortable, maybe not as much as the 30’s, … but what do I know about that yet anyway. My husband definitely does not view the 40’s as being comfortable. He is 1 year and 13 days away from being 40, and not happy about it. He has been dreading it for the last 4 years!

Ok, enough rambling. Yesterday was my birthday, and it was a nice day, just right. I colored my hair in the morning, to cover up all the white evidence of my ageing. After picking up Chloe, we ran some errands then stopped at the grocery store to get some snacks for the park: fresh sliced Havarti cheese from the deli, wheat crackers, cherry tomatoes and a few bakery doughnuts -YUMMY!! The weather was perfect for sitting at the park and reading while Chloe played. Later that evening Paige had her final drama performance of the year, Cinderella (she was the goofy evil stepsister). When we got home Scott had decorated up the living room and had a cake on the table and was lighting about a million candles!

I haven’t the actual amount of years represented in candles since I was young, it was crazy. I can still blow them all out in one breath though. Lots of fun!, THANKS HONEY!


5 thoughts on “ahhh, another birthday, honey – how old am I again?

  1. Mom

    What a fun day. Havarti cheese? You’ll have to educated me. Big kudos for the sweet husbands
    who make birthdays happy!!
    Have a wonderful birthday week! Love ya!!

  2. katie

    happy birthday jean- havarti while reading in the park? sounds like heaven. way to go with blowing out all the candles, that would have been fun to see!

  3. megan

    Ditto what Katie said– What if I’m still in my 20’s and can’t remember how old I am?? I hope that you had a very happy birthday!!


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