It’s a girl?

Well here she is! You can see her full body, so cute. She is sucking on her hand.

We were shocked and surprised, because we were sure it was a boy! I was sick differently with my girls and boy in the past, and this seemed to be a boy to me, cause I was sick like I was with Dillon. But I guess that’s the difference between being pregnant in my 20’s and now in my mid 30’s!  When they told us it was as girl, we were soooo surprised. So now we are gearing up for another girl. So exciting!


5 thoughts on “It’s a girl?

  1. Mom

    Ultrasounds are so amazing… what a beautiful little girl already. So exciting. Can’t wait to see you in 2 weeks! Love to all of you. DD

  2. katie

    i cannot believe how incredibly adorable that ultrasound is- the leg!! i love it and can’t wait until we get to meet her in person. here’s to girls!

  3. Kendria

    Congrats Jeanie Beanie! Glad your life is so happy- You can tell just by the way to write and the wonderful things you do… Who wouldn’t be happy to have you as a mother, wife, friend, and cousin! Lots of love and best wishes with the new little girl!


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