he’s your life

I’m not sure where she came up with this or what exactly she is trying to say, but when Chloe is talking about our family she tells me that Scott is my life. She will say “Dad is your life and Papa is your Dad and DD is your Mom”. She is just trying to get the familial connections. I think she might be trying to say that Scott is my husband, and I am his wife, and she translated that in her head at some point to “life”. I think it is right on the way she says it, because he is my life.

I love you Scott, You are my life!


4 thoughts on “he’s your life

  1. Mom

    I love that! And Scott has certainly made your life much happier… hugs to him! Can’t wait to see you all. Love ya.

  2. katie

    hooray for you two!

    oh, and did you hear- the kids and i are driving to oregon from utah on the 8th! just when you thought i had grown out of crashing your parties.


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