“happy summer” pennant

A few days ago I found out that I missed an Enrichment night last week where they made a paper pennant. I was annoyed because if they had told us young women leaders about it I would have been there for sure, because a paper pennant craft is right up my ally! (blah blah, I know I should have been there anyway…) So I decided to make my own and thought I would share it with you.

Here is what you need:

  • some awesome summery type of craft papers (I have 12×12 scrapbooking papers that I cut down to 8 1/2 x 11 to fit through my printer) I ended up with 10 papers so I can make 5 pennants. (I plan on giving some away) But I would recommend you decide how many you want to make, then pick that many papers-getting two of each paper.  I got carried away with all my fun papers and couldn’t cut it down!
  • hole punch
  • scissors -regular straight and if you want I used the fancy zig zag type on my edges
  • ribbon -1/4 inch wide
  • these templates: summer-pennant-1 , summer-pennant-2

Here is what you do:

open the templates and print out onto your papers (in my case 5 of each)

Cut out the triangles. I cut out the tops straight first and then used the zig zag scissors to cut the sides. (notice I left a bunch of blank triangles on the template. These are for the middle and ends, use as many or as few as you like – I put one in the middle and three on each end)

Here I mixed and matched until I came up with the color/pattern combo’s I liked, it should read “happy summer” with blank spacers in between and on the ends.

Punch two holes in the top of each triangle (for the ribbon to thread through).

Thread the ribbon through.  Leave enough on each end to hang it with. (Here I also take my lighter and melt the ends of the ribbon a bit to prevent fraying.)

If you don’t want the pieces slipping around you can use a touch of glue behind the ribbon to secure the pieces in place.

Et viola! Hang it up and enjoy it all summer!


2 thoughts on ““happy summer” pennant

  1. Mom

    me again, the not-our-mom commenter.

    sarah hung up the banner you made across her pictures in the dining room and it looks so glorious and happy. hooray for your paper skills!


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