what’s up

So here I am, sitting at my computer, in my CLEAN bedroom (yay), baby kicking away, and pondering what’s going on with me…

The kids start back to school in three weeks from tomorrow. Paige will be in 8th grade, Dillon will be moving to the middle school for 6th grade (which is stressful for me, he can’t be that old), and Chloe will be starting Kindergarten. I am getting ready, emotionally as well as getting the kids geared up. I am not sure how I feel about my Chloe going off to full day Kindergarten. That is a lot of time away from me. But I guess I won’t have time to dwell on it too much because this new little girl is due to arrive in 3 1/2 months and I need to get on the ball and get things ready for her.

I am back into I.V. iron infusion treatments for the next 4 weeks because my iron has started dipping a bit too much. We are catching it before I really start to feel the effects of anemia, so that is good. I must say my energy levels have been pretty good for being pregnant!

Scott has the next two weeks off and our big project is going to be cleaning out the basement and re-arranging our storage. I have to re-organize. I am looking quite forward to it actually. I really enjoying getting things organized just how I like. The main reason is (ok, besides the fact that the basement is cluttered with stuff we don’t need or use and needs to be de-junked) is that we need to make room for baby upstairs. When the basement is done and I am all re-organized upstairs I can get out the crib and go to work on it.

Which brings me to my next project: the crib and it’s bedding. The crib we have is a really nice one we had for Chloe, but I no longer like the light natural wood finish. So I am going to paint it. I am thinking a really great green. And as for the bedding I had the cutest set all picked out back when I was sure it was a boy. Now that it is for sure a girl, I can’t find a decent crib set anywhere that pleases me. So I decided to sew it myself. I bought a pattern that I like and started looking at fabric. I thought “Hey, I’ll get just what I want and save a bit of money in the process” Hmmm, not so much on the saving money department. I added up how much fabric I need, OUCH – almost 24 yards!, and of course the fabrics I really love are not cheap. So I am trying to decide what to do.

Scott has been keeping updates and pictures of this pregnancy on his blog if you are interested. Just click the link on the left.


2 thoughts on “what’s up

  1. Mom

    i’m glad you’re taking care of the iron business now. and that plate is great. or is it not a plate? regardless, it is great.

    can’t wait to see the green crib. it is going to be great.

    is chloe getting the boot from upstairs?



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