my little girl’s big day

Chloe started Kindergarten this week. She did absolutely fantastic! She is a very shy girl and has had issues with separation so I was ready for the tears and clinging, but they never came.

She tells me everyday after school that it was a great day and she loved everything! She has a little friend Jolie, who she met last spring at Dillon’s little league games (Jolie’s brother was on the same team), who is in Chloe’s class and they have become fast friends.

The first day they had a homework assignment to write down their favorite things from the first day of school. After convincing her that “everything” wasn’t enough detail, she told me that playing in the playhouse in the classroom and snorting like pigs and laughing were her favorite things. I assumed that the class was singing a song or talking about animals or something that included snorting like a pig. And let me tell you that Chloe is a champion snorter, and loves to demonstrate. I try not to bust a gut telling her that it is not very ladylike. So the next day I am talking to Jolie’s Mom and she told me the whole story according to Jolie. Apparently Chloe and Jolie during their free time wanted to play in the playhouse and decided to start snorting. So I am not sure what the teacher thinks of my daughter, the sonic snorter and her friend huddled in the playhouse snorting their lungs out and laughing their heads off! So I was slightly embarrassed that that was her favorite thing from the first day of school and I wrote it down!


4 thoughts on “my little girl’s big day

  1. megan

    Holy Cow I can’t believe that school started already! Where has the summer gone? I love that Snorting is among her favorite things to do, I think that I would be embarassed, but at teh same time- let her live up that life as long as possible before she even discovers getting embarassed! What freedom!

  2. Mom

    Ah, my little Chloe! What a fun girl. I’m so glad her first week was so wonderful! I miss her so much. The picture of her walking away with her darling backpack was so sweet, but heart-wrenching! luv ya

  3. Sarah

    I’m glad you’re blogging again!! Way to go Scott for making you do it! Yay Chloe, what a brave big girl! Leesie liked to see her pictures, she is pretty excited to start school in a week and 1/2.


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