weekly update

So Scott is getting on my case for not blogging, and I have been very lax. I was kind of burnt out on it you know? So he inspired me to write more about our family doings and stuff that my family might be interested in reading (since you are the few who actually read it) and that re-inspired me because I am horrible at journaling anyway, so this is my only journaling outlet that I actually do.

I thought I would bring you up to speed on things going on with me.

Dillon started into the middle school/ junior high this year as a 6th grader. I was so proud when I got his class schedule and saw that he has all honors classes!! I’ve always known he is a smart kid, but his ADD has always kind of masked it in a classroom setting. But he has finally gotten to a point that his medication is working great for him and last year his grades really picked up. I just am so proud of him, and of course a little nervous- thinking, “Will he be able to handle the work load?, Will his grades stay up in honors classes?, Will he enjoy it or will it burn him out????” You know, obsessing like a Mother does. I guess we will just see. As far as I can tell the honors classes do more in depth learning, more hands on and such, so that is great for Dillon. I think he will be a Scientist or an Engineer, the boy loves to build. He was accompanying Scott to the dump a few weeks ago and saw a place for chemicals and wanted to go pick some up to bring home?!? What in the heck for I am wondering…

I am officially in my 3rd trimester and now I do daily kick counts. They say if you don’t feel your baby kick at least 10 times in an hour or two then you should get checked out. This little girl is so active when she is awake that she kicks 10 times in under 10 minutes every day. It is very entertaining at this stage, she/I haven’t gotten so big that it is uncomfortable yet.

Since all the kids are now in school, it is really quiet around here during the day. It is kind of disturbing, I miss my Chloe. Just the two of us were here on Saturday and that was enjoyable to have her around again. I am trying to put my quiet time before the baby to good use. I am going to sew the crib bedding and a few other things too. I’ll post some pictures when it gets underway.

That is all for now!  I’ll have Scott keep on my case to keep posting!


One thought on “weekly update

  1. katie

    christmas for dillon: chemicals. check.
    what a champion with all the honors classes. i loved getting to know dillon a tiny bit in oregon- so funny and quirky and good.

    i’m dying to see the bedding you’re working on. almost as much as the little love who’ll fill it!


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