Wacky Olympics birthday party

Last Saturday I threw a birthday party for Dillon. I think it was his first actual “invite a lot of friends” type of party. The theme was Wacky Olympics, since the Olympics had been going on I thought it a great idea.

We played flour tag first, and this was a hit. My Porter family might remember this game from a family reunion YEARS ago in AZ. You take nylons and put about 1/3 cup of flour in a section, tying knots in the ends. The game consists of trying to hit everyone else and avoid getting hit. The only drawback to this was that it was a hot day and flour mixed with sweat tends to get a little pasty, but the boys didn’t mind!

We then had a paper airplane contest, a “discus throw” (throwing frizbees at some empty 2ltr soda bottles to knock them over – harder than it sounds) and a hubba bubba bubble blowing contest.

Here is the crew:

Last but not least was our soda fountains. We did the diet cola/ mentos experiment times 8. It was so great, my favorite part. Check out how high!!

We then handed out gold medals (chocolate coins glued to some red/white and blue ribbon) Those I should have kept in the cooler, they were totally melted!

We then ate cake and opened the presents, all in all a success. Except my camera batteries died before the cake. bummer, but here is the cake before:

Chocolate with cream cheese frosting and sprinkle rings. Not my best effort, I was trying not to stress myself out. But it was GOOD!


3 thoughts on “Wacky Olympics birthday party

  1. katie

    that invitation just screams “dillon!” at me- i love it. so wacky and fun. (and the theme is a genius idea).

    the party sounds and looks like it was so great- i’m wishing i was there to join in on the fun!

  2. megan

    That sounds like such a fun party idea. i’m telling you, I am no longer a kid- but would pretty much love to have birthday parties like this every year!

  3. Mom

    Oh, how I wish I could have been at that party… it looks like SO much fun!
    Happy Birthday Dillon… and kudos to his great Mom! Very ingenious invitation, games & cake.


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