weekly update

So as you can imagine all that is on my mind most of the time is baby. Here is my belly:

Here is my belly at the state fair:

All is well and Scott and I are very happy that we have passed the 32 week mark. (Chloe was a day old at this point!)

I am making great progress towards the baby bedding, I finally got all the fabric and have actually finished the bumper pad today. I am so so SO pleased with it. Now I just need to sew the sheets, skirt, quilt, and the mobile, oh yeah and the sling…. hmmm, but the bumper was the hardest thing anyway, so no sweat. It fills up my time while the kids are at school. (I’ll post pictures soon)

Here is the stroller/car seat we got. LOVE IT:

After buying a different car seat and getting it home we realized that it was HARD, it had no padding! (poor baby sitting in that seat), so we returned it and got this set. I am very happy with it. The stroller seat folds down into a kind of bassinet type of bed, pretty cool. I wasn’t going to get the stroller/ seat combo this time, but the seat I wanted only came in the set, and we did use the one we had for Chloe a lot, so it’s all good.

Otherwise, all is well with our family. We are looking forward to the coming months and getting stuff ready for the baby, including my Dad coming to visit and put up a wall to separate Chloe into her own room (Yay for DAD!)


2 thoughts on “weekly update

  1. katie

    wow! chloe was a day old already?!

    i am DYING to see your crib bedding!

    you look great jean. and i wish i could be there to see the brand new babe- so magical.

  2. megan

    you look so great. I can’t believe how great all the porter women look with child. I’m afraid when that is me, I won’t take any pictures so there won’t have to be any comparison!

    I’m excited to see you in a few weeks. That reminds me.. Has bobby even told you that we are coming down there? My brother is getting married in Chico on the 4th of October, so we thought while we were so close, we better come see the fam! If you don’t know anything about this, let me know, and I’ll secretly tell you and then try to get your brother to tell you too!


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