here is some stuff

I allow myself a bit of time in the mornings after I drop Chloe off to play on the computer. The last couple of days I have been going crazy with a few fun sites: I love fonts, and there are TONS here! I have barely made it through the A’s! Best of all they are free. woo-hoo

Wordle is pretty fun also. I need to figure out something to do with it though…

jcaroline creative has lots of tutorials on some basic stuff, I finally learned how to bind a quilt, which hopefully I will do today, if I can drag myself away from downloading fonts…

I actually made homemade pop tarts the other day from Chez Pim, they were pretty good. I served them with a little icing and we had them for dessert.

That darn cat has a tutorial on reverse applique that I really want to try, as soon as I get all my baby sewing projects done that is! (here is another awesome one) I think my girls would love them too, Christmas maybe?

Well my computer time is up, have a great day!


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