news from here


Here in our home sweet home we are having our ups and downs.

Ups: I’m making great progress in the “sewing for baby” department. The house is clean (right at this one moment in time anyway). I am feeling generally organized and put together. Chloe loves Kindergarten and has lots of friends. Paige is in Drama again this year, and Dillon is taking advantage of waiting for her after school on Wednesdays by joining the chess club. The weather is going to cool way down this week, and I have cinnamon rolls in the house.

The downs: Scott’s kidney stones are making another appearance. OUCH!!! my poor honey. I’m sure I could think of some other annoying things that qualify as “downs” but none come close to kidney stones. They say that having them is the closest thing for a man to feel that can remotely compare to child birth. Hmmm, but I must say that my upcoming pain will have a much nicer outcome than his suffering will.

Here are some random pictures of us on the trampoline:

Chloe’s favorite pass-time: climbing on Daddy

Big belly

Chloe is one crazy sleeper! (She did start out in her bed, and was back in it by morning…)


One thought on “news from here

  1. katie

    you’re kidding! chloe is hysterical- and crazy! i can’t stop looking at that picture of her on the floor and laughing!

    yikes for scott. is he cutting out soda from his diet? (is that even a cause of the stones? i heard it was. i’m resisting the urge to call scott a stoner. there. i did it. kind of. and then there’s the “this too shall pass” angle. . . it might be getting too late for me to be typing comments).

    p.s. you look great.

    another p.s. chloe’s hair! it’s so long! i swear it was way shorter in oregon, no?? she looks lovely.


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