Sew Happy

So, (KATIE), here is what I have done so far for the baby sewing mania that I have decided to fill my days with:

Finished bumper: Patchwork will be facing out and the light pink polka dot will be what the baby sees, nice and calm for a sleeping spot.

Yo yo’s for the quilt:

the quilt will be kind of like this one, but much bigger of course, and I am going to off-set the rows. I need about 125 yo-yo’s. (I can’t find the blog that had the picture that I originally got the idea from, it seems to be the only page on the internet that I haven’t bookmarked…)

I am refurbishing the mobile that Chloe had, taking off the old hanging things and replacing them with these birds from the bird mobile on Spool

Here are my two (almost) finished birds so far, I only need 5

Receiving blankets

Baby sling: (second attempt, the first was WAY to small somehow and I trashed my coveted piece of Alexander Henry Pink Zinnia fabric, sigh…)

the inside is the same pink dot from the bedding.

Baby blanket: super fun dog print on one side and matching cat print on the other. My first foray into making my own binding, and now experiencing the joy of tedious hand stitching it down…ugg

side note: I don’t know what is up with my camera, but I am cringing at the quality of these photos, yuck. But you get what you get, cause the batteries are dead and I would rather sew than try to re-do all these pictures in hopes that maybe they will get better!!


5 thoughts on “Sew Happy

  1. Megan

    You porter women are amazing- I love that you are making all this baby stuff- It will be so fun. Oh wait- I’m coming out there- Maybe I’ll get a peek at it! I love the bright colors!

    I think I want the talented gene pool y’all have- Maybe at least my kids will get it!

  2. katie

    umm HOLY CRAP!! you’ve been crazy busy! i haven’t even looked at everything yet but i’m going nuts! ok, i’ve got to read things more thoroughly now. holy crap jean!! it looks amazing!

    yo yo quilt! that is one of my goals next year- they are so lovely! . . ooh, i can’t wait to see it!

    the birds!! those might be the best looking fabric birds i’ve seen. not exaggerating.

    the BUMPER!!!! jean- you’re killing me here- everything looks so amazing and perfect.

    receiving blankets too? you’re not copping out on anything! i’m blown away.

    oh, this lucky little girl.

    and, where is that sling fabric from?? i love it with all my heart. (did you have to change the measurements from the ones i gave you to make it fit??). i never made one (but still have secret plans to).

    i can’t believe how much you’ve done, how prepared you’re going to be and how absolutely lovely it all is. actually, i can- you’re skills have always been amazing. and you have the weird ability to not procrastinate like i do- how do you do it?

    I LOVE IT ALL and wish i could steal it. . . just for a little bit.

    thank you for giving into my complainy/whiny requests!! i couldn’t be happier or more motivated to actually make something myself!

  3. Mom

    I can’t get over how cute everything you have done is!!! Little “MJ” is going to be one lucky little girl!
    You amaze me. See ya in about 10 days… yahoo!


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