Thanksgiving all ready?!?!?!

Wow, the holiday countdown has begun. Needless to say I am not on the top of my game this year, but I expected not to be, and so in that aspect I am right on track!

I am very excited for Thanksgiving this year, because most of my family will be here to celebrate it with us. All my siblings and their families will be here with the exception of Katie and her New York crew (bummer), and of course my parents will be in town also. Thanksgiving is my number one holiday that must be spent with family. We have grown in number so much that this year we have reserved the church to have our dinner and Thanksgiving day fun at, should be a ball. I am in charge of decorating the tables, along with lots of the food of course, so I have been roaming the internet in search of some nice and easy ideas. Unfortunately we can’t have candles lit in the building, otherwise I would do this idea from country living I I really like this “nuts about thanksgiving” idea from no fuss fabulous for the kids table, so cute!

Here is a really great idea from chocolate on my cranium about keeping the family mindful of their thankfulness and giving – love it


This is my Turkey pineapple. Growing up we had one that my Mom made, so I whipped one up a couple of years ago. This isn’t the best picture of it, but you get the idea. If you want to make one and are not into free-handing it, here is a similar pattern, minus the feet though…

Hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful!


3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving all ready?!?!?!

  1. katie

    i never ever would have remembered the pineapple turkey in a million years, but now i feel like i HAVE to have it on my table. after all, if mom did it…

    hope the blessing and thanksgiving is great! i’m so sad to be missing out! love you.


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