Christmas Cheer


Our Ward Christmas Party was an Evening in Bethlehem. It was fantastic, the set up was so amazing and the kids got to do crafts like make a dradle, make an oil lamp (salt dough ) and paint a little candle holder. There were games and food. When you arrived you paid your taxes with a canned food item and received a little bag of beans to pay for your activities, games and food. We acted out the manger scene and sang. It was the best ever, I enjoyed it much more than the standard dinner and Santa. (And thanks to Grandma Wall Paige and Dillon were outfitted in style!)


Chloe’s school performance – completely great and sooo fun. Here they were doing the “Christmas Rap”.


After the show cookies in the classrooms and we got the gifts they made.


The snowmen are the fingers in Chloe’s hand print, isn’t this a great idea? It came with a poem all about it. I love love love this ornament.


Molly snoozing at church on Sunday, check out her adorable tights!


3 thoughts on “Christmas Cheer

  1. Mom

    You dress your kids so CUTE!!!! (How many times have I said THAT!?) Chloe’s dress is just the tops in Christmas apparel!! Miss you tons. All great photos – Merry Christmas screaming from each one. Good job.

  2. katie

    first- can i please borrow chloe’s sunglasses?
    second- that ornament is unquestionably the best kid-made/school-generated ornament i have seen. ever.
    third- paige and dillon’s outfits are awesome. did gma wall make them?
    fourth- are those faux-mary janes on molly’s tights? so great.


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