this is my eldest

eldest, oldest?…the one that was born first…


This is my first child that yesterday put some chicken nuggets in the microwave for her little sister and read the box directions for the “oven” assumed that of course that was the microwave oven and put them in for 8 to 10 minutes. I first heard about it when Chloe started crying and yelling that her nuggets were smoking!! Then came the smell, and my WHOLE house STINKS now. heavy sigh… Is this just normal teenage brain drain, or lack of common sense, or just lack of experience? Who knows. In March she turns fourteen. FOURTEEN people! As my first child I have had to learn a lot with her, patience, long suffering, charity…


5 thoughts on “this is my eldest

  1. Annalisa & Geoff

    Wow, 14. My oldest is 6 now. Argh! Its amazing how time flies. Yesterday I was trying to remember life without kids, without saying the phrase “what were you thinking” to a child and realized that indeed, I’ve aged better because of them. I’m sure the misread is only a phase and she’ll outgrow it when she’s 14. Exciting times. Smiles!! You’re a good example.

  2. katie

    what a beautiful picture of paigey! and, it’s totally normal to do stuff like that- i can’t even count how many cakes i destroyed in my teenage years because i was incapable of reading instructions (were you there for the one that bounced like rubber??). nevermind the times i ran my friend’s car into a parked car. . . teenage years really are all about learning. . .

  3. Megan

    That is a gorgeous picture of Paige!

    If it makes you feel better- bobby did something like that when we were dating (22 years?) The directions said to take the breadsticks out of the fridge 30 minutes before baking them. Bobby stopped reading there and baked them for 30 minutes instead of the 12 it went on to direct. They were CRISPY…

  4. Mom

    Teenagers….aaaaaahhhhhh! SO glad I am past that stage and can now just sit back and watch the show as my kids deal with THEIR teenagers. Good luck… I’m rootin’ for ya. 🙂


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