jeanie’s rule #215

When your baby has to get her immunization shots and she is crying in pain every time she moves her legs and you feel horribly guilty that this sweet innocent little thing has to suffer and you just cry along with her because she hurts and you can’t make it better….

you get chocolate cake – guilt free.



4 thoughts on “jeanie’s rule #215

  1. Megan

    Oh goodness that cake looks good. I want some right now!

    Oh poor little molly! I hope she is feeling up to wiggling her little legs again soon!

  2. Mom

    There’s nothing worse than “hurting a child for his/her own good”!!!! Thank heavens for liquid pain relievers… I hope she’s feeling better. And that cake looks amazingly good.

  3. katie

    dear, sweet molly. is she staying healthy? we have so much sickness constantly flowing through our house. poor charlie has gotten sick a million times. if he isn’t on antibiotics he’s recovering from shots. . . i forgot how many there are for these little babies. . .


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