hair cut

So as I usually do on a regular basis, I was getting restless with my hair. So I cut it. I have been thinking about going short again, but I am enjoying the length so I went with layers. And since I don’t have time to go get it cut by someone who actually knows what they are doing, (and who wants to wait anyway), I cut it myself. I pulled the hang upside down and hack away trick. And after a bunch of tweaking I think it turned out nicely. It is now a nice wash and air-dry deal that I really think plays up my natural curls. (if I do say so myself…) Plus I added bangs. I haven’t had bangs since high school…






4 thoughts on “hair cut

  1. katie

    jean! you’re super cute with that hair! and also, is that your natural brown? so beautiful, especially with your eyes! i’m almost getting annoyed with how great you look!

  2. Megan

    I don’t even think I can tell you what I think I would look like if I turned upside down and started hacking at my hair! If would not be a pretty picture, but you look really really good! I love how it plays up your curls. My hair is so stick straight that any imperfection in cutting sticks out.. Literally!

  3. Sarah

    I love it! sooo cute, good job cutting it! You have always been talented in that area, yes this is coming from me the sister who was mad at you and cried after you cut my hair (exactly how i asked) bangs look so good on you…how are you controlling the cow-licks? You must have them….


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