i heart cookbooks

My Mom gave me this cookbook when I was 5


I remember spending so much time looking through this book, seeing all the fantastic things I could make, because this book told me how. It was a whole world of delicious eating opportunities all in a book that I owned! My love of cookbooks was born. I mean who wouldn’t want to make these tempting concoctions:



Really – most of the recipes are appetizing, I just put in these two for fun!

I remember that our neighbor lady -who lived above our garage at the time- invited me over to bake something out of my brand new cookbook, and I spent hours looking through again and again trying to decide what to make. I finally decided on these:


Funny thing is that now I don’t remember her name, or really what she looked like, but I remember cooking these in her kitchen, and that they turned out great.

To this day I still love to look through my cookbooks and plan all the fun things I can make. Whenever we are at a bookstore I will pick a cookbook to buy over any other book, any day. I have gotten to the point that I can’t buy a new book unless it is absolutely fantastic, and I am willing to get rid of another one, because I don’t want to take anymore room for them! Coming next: I will share with you my current favorite cookbooks….


2 thoughts on “i heart cookbooks

  1. katie

    wow. that beanie weenie soup recipe is a gem! what a great cookbook! mom gave me a dc comics superheroes cook book one year. i remember loving it. . . reading this makes me want to call mom and find it. .

  2. Mom

    The “brownie lady’s” name was Dianne Frasier/Freesa or something like that… you really missed her when she got married and moved out. Good times!
    I had forgotten about giving both you and Tate cookbooks.


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