Molly’s theme music

I call my kids weird things all the time, “nick-names” if you will, on a rotating basis. I call my little girls sugar plums. Chloe is specifically my sweet pea – when she gets up in the morning, she expects to hear “good morning sweet pea” or she asks why I didn’t say it. When Chloe was a baby I called her Pookie for a long time. Dillon has always been Booster, though a few years ago he asked me to not call him that in public… My nick name for Molly lately has been Sugar Beet. It came from a song I heard on Sesame Street when I was little, and I sing it to Molly all the time, and then I just started calling her that. Here is the song:

Don’t ask me why that has stuck with me for so many years…or maybe it’s obvious why it did after you hear it…

Here is another song that Scott and I like, it is a perfect Molly song:


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