I’m rocking my baby

I have always liked this poem, and now I’m living it.


3 thoughts on “I’m rocking my baby

  1. katie

    this poem goes through my head so often. (and i totally use it to justify a messy house way more often than i should. . )

    last night while i was woken up by charlie crying i had a moment of resentment (toward chip- why doesn’t he wake up to get that baby?) but then i thought about how sad and soon it will be when he doesn’t giggle and hum when he sees my silhouette walk into the room to get him. he won’t immediately cuddle up, nestle his head into my neck and find his thumb. . . so i better enjoy it while i can, even if in the middle of the night.

  2. Sherri

    Thank you so much for posting this poem. I looked for it forever (before the marvels of Google) and then forgot about it. I love it and now know where to find it!

  3. Mom

    Dad and I were just wondering this morning if we had enjoyed our little children enough… So much to do and so many time pressures when in the midst of raising our own children.
    So it’s wonderful to be able to enjoy precious moments with our grandkids now, especially as we appreciate them for what they are – choice, golden, fleeting moments that make this life worthwhile! Love ya.


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