homemade thin mint cookies

Confession: I have been a royal piggie and eaten all my girl scout cookies that Scott bought me.  No I am not going to say how many boxes there were…  but I refuse to buy any more!  So – when in my internet wanderings I saw this idea on Nannygoat , I figured I have to try it!  It is a recipe to make your own thin mint cookies using Ritz crackers and Andes mints.  I mean I wouldn’t be paying to get fat so that makes it ok, right?  (says the sugar addict – yikes!!)

I used what I had on hand – Guittard mint chips and milk chocolate wafers, and town house crackers.


I just dumped a bunch of each in a bowl and melted them.  The picture doesn’t really show it, but the combo of the mint green and milk chocolate made the brown a sludgy color .  But the taste was great.  (I do think next time I will try dark chocolate instead of milk though…)

dsc06752 dsc06757

Chloe had her own ideas of what would be good, and yes she is wearing a swim suit.  (We signed her up for swim team this morning and she is very excited, although the actual swimming doesn’t start until May…)

my review: pretty good.-  I think dark choc. will be better, and I will try that next time!  It is a fun quick treat, and Chloe loved helping too


2 thoughts on “homemade thin mint cookies

  1. Megan

    Oh no! I don’t think that I needed to know how to make these! (but I’m glad I know now!!)
    I’ve been eating Cadbury mini-eggs today.. I think I’m going to give myself a stomach ache!


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